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Scholarships for People of Color College Bound

Here is a list of scholarships for people of color with website and deadlines.

Scholarships for Black/African American Students

1. UNCF STEM Scholarship

(several deadlines some in Feb and March)

2. ABA Diversity Scholarship

(deadline April 4, 2023)

3. AABE William Grant Pinkard Scholarship

(deadline March 10, 2023)

4. Thurgood Marshall College Fund for 2022-2023 and 2023-2024

(Several Scholarships - deadlines 3/27/23 and 8/31/23)

5. Buckfire & Buckfire Medical School Diversity Scholarship

(deadline October 1, 2023)

6. HBCU Connect Minority Student Scholarship

(several scholarships with various deadlines)

Scholarships for Hispanic Students

1. RMHC / HACER Scholarship

(rolling application)

2. National Association of Hispanic Nurses Scholarships

(new scholarship period starts Spring 2023)

Click on resources then “scholarships”

3. Hispanic Scholarship Fund

(deadline February 15, 2023)

4. SHPE Chevron Scholarship

(deadline April 2,2023)

5. Pueblo Hispanic Education Foundation Scholarships

(scholarship database for several scholarships with various deadlines)

6. Hispanic Scholarship Consortium

(deadline April 30th, 2023)

7. HACU Scholarship Program

(deadline May 1, 2023)

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