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7 different activities and craft for kids during Kwanzaa

1. Umoja (unity)

The black candle is lit. This is a day of togetherness, sharing feelings. The family gathers and shares how they feel about things happening in their lives, and their feelings about each other. Many problems are cleared up during this day, simply by talking about them. The black candle signifies unity.

Activity: Unity Cup Craft


A paper drinking cup

Circle of corrugated card

Cardboard tube (kitchen foil tube is perfect)

Black paint (for the base color of cup)

Red and green sequins (you can also use color paper or paint)



• Glue the cardboard tube to the middle of the card circle.

• Glue the paper cup on top of the tube. Leave to dry.

• Paint the cup black and, while the paint is still wet, stick on some sequins. If you are using paint or color paper wait till the paint dry’s and then either paint or glue on the red and green to decorate.

2. Kujichagulia (self-determination)

A red candle is lit. This is a day of togetherness, sharing traditions. Some people teach others how to braid hair. Other might teach how to play an African drum. Still others might share an African recipe.

Activity: Make An African Drum or learn to play an African drum


A terracotta plant pot

Acrylic paints in red, green and black

Sheet of paper

Elastic band


• Paint your terracotta pot in the Kwanzaa colors and leave to dry.

• Cut a large circle of paper and fasten it over your pot with the elastic band, pulling it tight. Play away.

It is also possible for a family member to teach the kids how to play the African drum.

3. Ujima (collective work and responsibility)

A green candle is lit. This is day of togetherness, sharing a common goal. Everyone in the family works together to get a chore done - perhaps paints a fence or cleans out the garage. What's important is that everyone works together to get the job done.

Activity: Kwanzaa Gift Pouch


Aleene's® Fabric Fusion® Permanent Fabric Adhesive

Tulip® Dimensional Fabric Paint Gold Metallics

Needle and thread

Felt Squares – black, green, red

White chalk sharpened to a point

Sewing machine with matching thread


Sewing pins

Paper towels


• Cut red felt for envelope. Layer and sew red felt horizontally. Sew on three sides to create pocket.

• 2. The front section can be cut slightly shorter on one side so back shows.

• Sew a ¼” seam then trim to a scant 1/8”

• Cut out dip in top layer if desired when finished.

• Pin and cut patterns pieces from felt then glue in place. White chalk can be used to draw patterns onto felt if needed. Brush off excess chalk after glue is thoroughly dry.

• 6. Test flow of 3D Fashion Paint on paper towel using an even pressure on bottle for a smooth line. Detail with Gold Metallics in pattern shown. Keep tip of paint bottle wiped with paper towels for clean lines. Let dry.

4. Ujamaa (cooperative economics)

A red candle is lit. This is a day of togetherness, sharing a family gift. All year long, people save their pennies. At Kwanzaa, they buy one gift that the whole family can enjoy. In years to come, every time any in the family sees this item, they will remember the family Kwanzaa. It can be anything, from a new staircase to a tiny cookie cutter.

Activity: Harvest Basket


A4 sheet thick brown paper or printer card

Scraps of coloured paper or card (or perhaps pictures of fruit and vegetables from old magazines)

Glue stick



A. Print out our template, cut out the appropriate shapes for the size of basket you would like to make, and use them to cut out the same shapes on the brown card, or

B. Print the template directly onto brown printer card and cut out.

Fold the large piece on the dotted line as directed.

• Cut out a selection of fruit and vegetables from the scraps of coloured paper or old magazines.

• Put a line of glue along the top (folded) edge of the piece marked Back 1 and stick the handle and the vegetables along it so that they are protruding out from the top of the basket (use the photo for guidance).

• Glue Back 2 over the top of the vegetables so that they are sandwiched between 2 pieces of brown card.

• Decorate the front and back of the basket with your pens and stand up.

5. Nia (purpose)

A green candle is lit. This is a day of togetherness, sharing dreams and hopes. This is an especially good day to ask your children, "What do wish to accomplish in the new year?"

Activity: Adinkra Printing

(Adinkra is a type of cloth worn in Western Africa)


Black paint



Wide toothed comb


• To make the grid, dip the comb deep in the paint so that most of the length of the teeth are covered.

• Drag the comb along the paper, turning the comb over and adding more paint when needed until you have drawn a grid pattern.

• Cut the potato in half and cut out a design from one side. Dip your potato in the paint and stamp the design in the center of your grid.

6. Kuumba (creativity)

A red candle is lit. This is a day of togetherness, sharing creativity.

First, everyone in the family creates something - a poem, a story, a dance, a painting. In the early evening, the family gathers. Each family member shares what they have created.

Activity: Kwanzaa Hat


Craft Foam: 1 Sheet each of Red, Black and Green

Tacky Glue and Clothespins or Glue Dots

Foamie Buttons



• Measure around child’s head. Use green craft foam to make a 2-1/2″” band that is 2″ bigger than child’s head measurement. Glue into circle. Using clothes pins to hold until dry.

• Cut two red and four black foam strips measuring 1½” x 12″.

• Glue one red strip to the inside of the band attaching both ends, each on an opposite side. Glue another red strip perpendicular to the first. Glue one black strip between to reds crossing over the red strip already glued and one below the red strips and between the other two

• Glue the remaining black strips centered on top of the green band. Glue on foamie buttons to decorate.

7. Imani (faith)

A green candle is lit. This is a day of togetherness, sharing a feast. Baked ham, roasted yams, collard greens, thick bread - it is a wonderful feast.

Activity: Egg Carton Kinara


Egg carton (you need 7 egg cups)

7 jumbo craft sticks

Yellow and orange construction paper

Acrylic paint: green, red, black, and brown




Hot glue gun


• Cut an egg carton down the middle to create 2 lengths of six cups. Cut one of those lengths in half, creating 2 lengths of three cups each. Cut one egg cup from the other length of 6. You will need the 2 sets of 3 and the single cup; set aside the other cups for another project.

• Trim the edges of the egg cups with scissors so each will stand evenly with the cup opening pointed down.

• Hot glue the single egg cup between the two three piece egg cups to create one long 7 cup piece.

• Use a pair of scissors to carefully poke a slit into the top of each egg cup.

• Paint the egg cups brown. Let dry.

• For the craft sticks, paint one black, three green and three red. Paint both sides and add another coat if you prefer. Let dry.

• Cut out simple flame shapes from yellow construction paper, large enough to fit at the top of each craft stick. Cut out smaller versions from orange construction paper. You will need 14 of each color.

• Glue the yellow flames to the tops of the craft stick candles, with one on each side so that the project can be viewed on both sides. Glue the orange flames to the yellow flames.

• During each day of Kwanzaa, a new candle is lit. To ‘light’ your kinara, insert the craft stick candle into the egg cup slit made in step 2. The black candle is first and goes in the middle, followed by the green and red, alternating a different one each day. (The red candles go on one side and the green on the other.) Insert your kinara candles as your parents light the real kinara.

( just make a little outro like be safe and hope this bring smile and joy for the children )


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