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Survivor Story

Hi, my name is Nancy McKinney. I started getting my mammograms in July 1992 after I found out that my oldest sister, Thelma, had breast cancer. I had a mammogramlike clock work every year. I did my own breast checks monthly. I didn’t feel any lumps.

On November 11,2011 I went for my yearly mammogram. I was told after the test that a lump was found. I went to the Women’s Clinic at Nyack Hospital the next day for a Stereotactic Breast Biopsy. I was then informed it was positive. I saw the surgeon, Dr. Lawerence Simon on the Monday the 14th. During this time I prayed and put it in God’s hands. For some reason, I’m assuming my faith, I was never afraid. During that visit I told the doctor to do whatever he had to, but do it now. He said I could think about it and I said I didn’t need to think on it. If I need a mastectomy do it.

I had surgery on Tuesday November 22nd. I had a lumpectomy and lymph nodes removed from my right breast and underarm. I started radiation to the affected area in January of 2012. My radiation was completed March of 2012. I started seeing my Oncologist , Dr. Robert March in March and was prescribed Arimidex for five years( from March 2012-June 2017).  During this time I had a mammogram every six months. I thank God I’ve been cancer free for nine years. I continue to see my Oncologist and have my mammogram yearly since 2017. ~ Nancy McKinney

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